Ardiansyah Mahamel

Kalau kamu bukan anak raja, dan bukan anak ulama besar, maka menulislah (imam ghazali).


Sitting on the chair, lay down on the bed, in my room. The sun is bright burning the earth and gives nutrition for the plants, fulfill what human needs in this life. I was waiting for a thing that never came, I know will never come. I ensured myself that it was the best that I have to admit. Dream and hope; fight and struggle; pain and sadness; joy and happiness were always accompanying and teach me of life on which always be like a circle. It runs even when we are stuck on the trap, walking on the track.  I do realize everything happens for a reason, somebody comes for a mission, and someone leaves for a lesson. Meeting and farewell will not be gone; bear and die could not be denied. I know that I will not always on the top; I will not always be loved. But, I have God who will always loves me back when I know I love him so bad. The one who will always guide me when I need direction, the one who will always be by my side in every single of my slide. I thank him for blessing me passing every moment in this life, he told me to keep struggling in every difficuIty, though he told me that to wondering if a thing comes too much easy. Thank you for the strength that I know it comes and happens only from the owner and the eternal power of this life. I could not do another unless walk the talk and trust the walk. I believe every great thing comes from him, and every bad thing comes from myself. I could not ask anything unless lift me to the top of reflection on my mind and drag me to the best position on my faith. Please guide me to always remember what I hold and give me power and confidence to stand on what I believe. Give me more lessons and experiences to learn then I will know more to be better. For all prologue and epilogue I have framed, for all chapters I have captured, gratitude will always be mentioned. For the ones who ever loved me, I learn how to be sincere; for the ones who ever hurt me, I learn how to be strong; for the ones who still love me, I learn how to appreciate. Thank you for the greatest experiences during these years and whole my life ages. This is the best gift that I ever got, to live a life given by God, and knowing Allah SWT as my power, Muhammad SAW as my role model, and Islam as my perfection.




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